How to Earn on PhonesIQ

PhonesIQ is one of Africa's largest tech website that presents latest phone specifications, news and in-depth reviews of the newest gadgets.


We only deliver comprehensive smartphone information to help you in your decision of a better device to purchase. We however do not manufacture or sale phones. We are also not operating a ponzi scheme, quick or fast money scheme or an investment business or whatsoever.

Therefore, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take this as a dependable source of income to rely on. As we might decide to shutdown this platform or stop our revenue sharing process without prior notice

We just felt it will be a nice thing to share the little revenue we get from our partners with our dedicated users to assist them through this COVID-19 hard times. It is totally FREE to join the program. DO NOT PAY MONEY TO ANYONE.

Our revenue may not reach everyone, we are just trying the little we can. The larger we grow the more people we will reach out to

Here are a few ways to start earning money here on PhonesIQ:

  • N1,000 - When you register & verify your email address
  • N500 - When you refer a friend to PhonesIQ
  • N100 - Every day you login to PhonesIQ
  • N50 - For every post you share to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or Instagram (not activated yet)
  • N5 - For every comment you post on PhonesIQ (if approved)
  • More tasks to help you earn more are coming soon

To join our iQPay Program for FREE. Yes! its FREE. All you need to do is invite 3 new persons to register on phonesiq. Your account will be activated within 24hours when the 3 persons have verified their email addresses.


Payment of your previous month's earnings starts on the 28th of the current month for those who earned over N5,000 as their revenue. Please note, depending on how many people we have to share our funds with, you might not be paid all your earnings. In such cases, the rest of your funds will be rolled over.

To qualify for payment you must have atleast 5 activated referrals


If you try to defraud our system by registering yourself multiple times, registering with fake or manupulated emails, manipulating your earnings by any system or bot, submitting short, unrelated and unnecessary comments just to earn more, taking to other platforms to abuse, insult and discredit our effort or of our staff. We will without notifying you, suspend or delete your account and/or empty your earnings.

Let's grow together. Thank You!

If you require further information contact support via email