Gmail officially rolls out Dark Mode for Android and iOS

Gmail officially rolls out Dark Mode for Android and iOS

Gmail officially rolls out Dark Mode for Android and iOS

AlbertflexAlbertflex in June 07, 2020

Gmail for Android’s dark mode began rolling out at the start of this month. Google has finally officially unlocked the feature on android and the iOS.

Release notes for an update earlier on (version 6.0.200519) further confirmed that:

Pro Tip (if you haven’t noticed): You can now switch between dark or light theme after upgrading to iOS 13. Or you can use the system theme set by default.

Google announced dark mode for its Gmail app back in September 2019, but rollout since then has been patchy on iOS to say the least, with some users managing to activate dark mode in the app, only for it to vanish on the next restart. Others haven't been able to access the feature at all.

New messages feature white text for the sender, subject line, and time in this view, while the message body preview is gray. That fainter color is used for all read emails. Generic avatars, labels, and other colors have been appropriately tweaked to be less bright and more muted, though profile images are unaffected.

Luckily, today's update should bring an end to months of anticipation for most gmail users. To enable dark mode in Gmail on ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌, update the app on your device, then follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Gmail app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon (the three lines) in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap Settings.
  4. Tap Theme. (If you don't see the option, try force-quitting and then relaunching the app.)
  5. Select LightDark, or System default. The latter option makes Gmail's theme default to your device's system settings, which is a useful option if you've set the appearance of iOS to change automatically depending on the time of day.

Kindly note that if your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11 or iOS 12, you might see a Dark theme toggle instead of a Theme submenu in the Settings screen.


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ObinhoObinho in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

Upgrade is good because it draws more attention, for me any thing that has dark mode I have this enthusiasm for it

TijaniTijani in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

Every dark mode in apps help our eyes I think this will be very good to us if Google can put on black mode

JeddyoladsJeddyolads in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

Wow, that's a nice feature especially for people like me that have eye issues after night browsing. Thank you so much google for considering people like me.

Bankole31Bankole31 in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

Nice one has all apps are not having dark mode and it will be for users who love to handle their devices at night.

Mathew748Mathew748 in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

It's a welcome development from Gmail, I have to do it now and enjoy the night moode

HoyembiHoyembi in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

Finally Gmail decided to introduce dark mode, this would help check mails better especially at night

Yhubee4Yhubee4 in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

The dark mode feature is nice, especially for us that too much light hurts our eyes and we have to reduce screen brightness. I'm glad this setting is now available.

Sammy50Sammy50 in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

That's good, at least is gonna for prevention too much exposure brightness to eyes, nice one, kudos

AdafavorAdafavor in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

Wow this my first time of hearing about some app, I'll try to download some of them and use.

HolarmiHolarmi in Jun 10, 2020 Reply

i have been waiting for this feature for a long time going to help at night

Stephen2020Stephen2020 in Jun 10, 2020 Reply

Wow, this is a nice thing to think about because dark mode is also helpful to the prevent users from stressing their eyes

AwesomejaceAwesomejace in Jun 10, 2020 Reply

Following the new trend is encouraging now that most people are using the dark mode features

ZhinnyZhinny in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

This is cool for chronic dark mode readers like us. But who spends that much time on gmail anyways

Martintemple123Martintemple123 in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

Cool!! Tribute to Floyd Kudos to Gmail darkmode creators

JessyJessy in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

wow thanks it's very useful for a person like me that have eye issues especially at night thanks for the new improvement

Beejay02Beejay02 in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

It is okay for night stuff. I don't usually spent much time on Gmail

MhiraMhira in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

This is so amazing. I have a friend who can't use his phone without turning down the brightness to the lowest I think this is a very good one for him I'll tell him about it ASAP!

MhizterbeeMhizterbee in Jun 18, 2020 Reply

Every dark mode in apps help our eyes I think this will be very good to us if Google can put on black mode

OtthinOtthin in Jun 21, 2020 Reply

At 100% screen brightness, the dark interface is saving a whopping 60% of screen energy. A big thank you to gmail...

ItaoreedItaoreed in Jun 22, 2020 Reply

The dark mode is good and it's really perfect and it won't affect the eye when it already night the dark mode protect the eyes

Jadon234Jadon234 in Jun 22, 2020 Reply

Wao very good. I love it am even heading straight to my Gmail account to turn on the dark mode

Okwudiri0215Okwudiri0215 in Jun 23, 2020 Reply

I think it is a good step by google because dark mode helps reduce the light given off by the default theme

JoyjJoyj in Jun 25, 2020 Reply

Great. This is not just cool but also helpful to the eyes. Thank you Gmail!

AnthonyveezAnthonyveez in Jun 25, 2020 Reply

Wow. That's a great upgrade by Gmail The dark mode will surely be helpful especially for those with eye problem Great one Gmail Am heading now to turn on mine.

EmmanuelblueEmmanuelblue in Jun 29, 2020 Reply

Its amazing.. At least it will help users that use the email in the night..and also reduce the power consumption ( battery usage) while on the gmail app.

Busu001Busu001 in Jun 30, 2020 Reply

Nice one when there is advancement and development it always draw closer the attention of the users.

ItzmozzywiseItzmozzywise in Jul 02, 2020 Reply

I love wat I just saw here, I thank u all for this great opportunity that I just had I will be heading to my gmail

Pea22aPea22a in Jul 06, 2020 Reply

The upgrading is going to be helpful as it will enhance the use of the gmail and the darkmood is very good for so many of us that has eye problems, oh my God I can't wait to get it now

Imran07Imran07 in Jul 07, 2020 Reply

Well that's pretty cool, it even reminds me of WhatsApp dark mode theme so atleast it will come in handy like during night time .

HarnotarHarnotar in Jul 07, 2020 Reply

I think it's very cool. I just tried it and it looks stunning

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