Google Postpones The Android 11 Beta Launch Show Amid Protests in the US

Google Postpones The Android 11 Beta Launch Show Amid Protests in the US

Google Postpones The Android 11 Beta Launch Show Amid Protests in the US

AlbertflexAlbertflex in June 01, 2020

Alphabet's Google on Saturday said it has postponed next week's planned unveiling of the beta version of its latest Android 11 mobile operating system in light of protests and unrest in the United States.

"We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate," Google said in a message posted on its Android developers website. In a tweet, it said that it will announce more details on the new version of Android "soon," without specifying any dates.

To recall, the event was originally scheduled to take place virtually on 11am ET (8.30pm IST) on June 3, Wednesday. Called ‘Android 11: The Beta Launch Show', it was set to introduce new features and tweaks for Android 11, Google's next big software update for its mobile operating system. In its announcement for the virtual event earlier this month, Google has teased that it will introduce a ‘host of other things' as well.

The event trailer had hinted at an upcoming phone launch alongside, and speculation was rife could be the mid-year Pixel 4a. All these developments took place in the context of Google I/O being cancelled this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Google earlier this month also released the fourth Android 11 developer preview for Pixel phones. Google was meant to end its developer preview releases in April and start with beta releases in May, but that has been now been postponed. The tech giant has delayed the launch of Android 11 beta updates to June. The first Android 11 beta was slated to roll out on June 3.

Protests have spread across the United States over the killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis black man who died after being pinned by the neck under a white police officer's knee.


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QueenmayQueenmay in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

The George floyd issue causing a war Minneapolis right now

VinleeVinlee in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

What? This is bad I Hope this protest will be over in other to launch that android 11 beta

Khaybest2018Khaybest2018 in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

What more updates can they Be looking For...

Mathew748Mathew748 in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

I think the new one will bring more comfortablility

KingswearsKingswears in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

Yea everyone is waiting for that but George Floyd death is causing a serious problem presently.

Bolasofts247Bolasofts247 in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

I really can't wait to see Android 11, I have android 10 and the experience is so amazing. Hoping they will get over their issue on time

20sunday20sunday in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

What happened to George Floyd was really sad. see as one event, is causing problems everywhere

Isaacdemiladeobaremi1Isaacdemiladeobaremi1 in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

I don't just understand, since justice have been served the protest should be over by now so there can be business progress.

HolluwabiggestHolluwabiggest in Jun 08, 2020 Reply

Black lives matters now

WinneWinne in Jun 12, 2020 Reply

The protest is taking longer than expected it's really affecting some activities in US

TonyTony in Jun 14, 2020 Reply

I really can't wait to see Android 11 but the project is taking too long

WissyjazWissyjaz in Jun 18, 2020 Reply

No it bad for them to postponed it I have been seriously waiting for them to lunch android 11

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