Infinix Hot 9 and 9 Pro is Now Official in India Starting at $115

Infinix Hot 9 and 9 Pro is Now Official in India Starting at $115

Infinix Hot 9 and 9 Pro is Now Official in India Starting at $115

AlbertflexAlbertflex in May 31, 2020
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Palaski112Palaski112 in May 31, 2020 Reply

Very good and portable phone with highly and brighter camera,I love it

BashBash in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

I mean Infinix hot 9 is a good development.. Infinix is a good phone because of it's configurations and specifications. Am expecting the time Chinese company Will launch the product in Nigeria. I am sure Nigerians will welcome it with full force. Please, make haste on Nigeria launching.

VinleeVinlee in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

Wow a great phone with this standard fixed price is so wonderful Just like a dream come true This is an enjoyment over enjoyment

TemmyjoshTemmyjosh in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

Worth buying and affordable

BolaBola in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

Both are possessing nice features but I will prefer infinix hot 9 pro. They should launch it soon in Nigeria.

SolexSolex in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

that nice i pray it comes to my country one day

DanielchideraDanielchidera in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

I like everything about the phone our system of government won't make things go well to make affordable by the individuals

KingswearsKingswears in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

Infinix has been maintaining the quality of their products and it has been from one great product to another. This is another beautiful one from their stable. hope it come to my country in a short while.

AywydcAywydc in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

The 4 gig ram blew my mind Other specs on point

BroeBroe in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

That's great. I pray it come to Nigeria on time

NathajiboyeNathajiboye in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

what a nice phone with great features, i hope they launch it soon here

YomiteriumYomiterium in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

I don't know why China will produce thesame product with different name and put different prices on them with just a little difference in specification......what a marketing strategy....

20sunday20sunday in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

Love infinix phones, am using a hot 8 is really great as well

ArixicaboyArixicaboy in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

Can't wait to see the launching in Nigeria is gonna be a very good portable and exclusive one

PreciousPrecious in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

Wow can't wait ooooo, my love for infinix phone is not here, but i pray i raise money before then.

JudeJude in Jun 04, 2020 Reply

This great infinix product have been the best in Nigeria, I hope the hot 9 camera will be more brighter than that of hot 8

SuresaintSuresaint in Jun 04, 2020 Reply

Hmmmm everyday new development

MarlaneMarlane in Jun 07, 2020 Reply

I love infinix product... Now infinix hot 9 is in India am even using hot 8lite and am really enjoying it because it last longer that us the battery quality and camera quality is awesome thumb up infinix

NoraNora in Jun 10, 2020 Reply

Awwww! Infinix is at it again, I always admire their products, their bright camera alone is a bomb

AwesomejaceAwesomejace in Jun 10, 2020 Reply

Are these ones better than hot 8 in specs?

ObinhoObinho in Jun 11, 2020 Reply

Their camera is exceptional wow am in love with this product

WinneWinne in Jun 12, 2020 Reply

I give it up for Indians the centre of best phone technology ever. I really like in infinix mobile, they are unique.

VincuVincu in Jun 13, 2020 Reply

This is a great technology.. infinix have developed a very awesome phone.. with so many specs that is captivating..bravo

Frans123Frans123 in Jun 16, 2020 Reply

I actually love infinix products, as a matter of facts I'm using one. But they should try to improve on their features, the infinix hot 9 is having the same camera features as infinix s5

PleasantmediaPleasantmedia in Jun 18, 2020 Reply

Infinix is the best to me so far... Will be expecting the launching of Hot 9 soon in Nigeria.

Small123Small123 in Jun 19, 2020 Reply

Its cool and beautiful and I really like it if its out I will like to get one, how much will it be if I can buy it through this platform, can someone tell me the price?

Paulokosijnr72Paulokosijnr72 in Jun 20, 2020 Reply

Whoa! I'm getting this product ASAP... Such hybridised product from Infinix with astonishing camera quality, memory capacity, RAM quantity, A Triple-LED flash, battery capacity as high as 5,000 mAh (Wow) and most surprising, is it amount as low as $115; who does that?

Abraham4sureAbraham4sure in Jun 24, 2020 Reply

I love this, so portable and battery capacity thumbs up, just as the name entails hot, infinite you are always hot, keep it up.

Triumph101Triumph101 in Jun 25, 2020 Reply

Infinix should start improving on models and specification not same feature for different makes

Boblucky2454Boblucky2454 in Jun 26, 2020 Reply

It's not that too costly.... Kudos to the management for making it Affordable!!!

EmmanuelblueEmmanuelblue in Jun 28, 2020 Reply

Infinix hot 9 is cool. Affordable, good camera quality, a whooping 64gb memory. It also has a triple led flash light unlike infinix s5 lite with a double. I love infinix!!

Doyincrown01Doyincrown01 in Jun 28, 2020 Reply

I can't wait to see the phone, I like it

Bassey619Bassey619 in Jun 30, 2020 Reply

Launching such phone in Africa will bring more buyers as it comes with atonishing camera quality of 48mp rear camera

Giddo1jamesGiddo1james in Jul 02, 2020 Reply

I always believe infinix is the best phone company...they have always proven me right with their awesome phone features(48PM rear camera🙆)

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