Nokia Smartwatch with Wear OS and optional cellular support might be unveil at MWC 2020

Nokia Smartwatch with Wear OS and optional cellular support might be unveil at MWC 2020

Nokia Smartwatch with Wear OS and optional cellular support might be unveil at MWC 2020

AlbertflexAlbertflex in February 05, 2020

HMD Global is one of the biggest companies still planning to travel to Barcelona for the 2020 Mobile World Congress later this month with the sole of aim of unveiling some of its Nokia-branded products. The rumored products are unlikely to include an ultra-high-end Nokia 9.2 PureView smartphone, so an upper mid-range Nokia 8.2 5G handset will have to step into the limelight alongside several humbler mobile devices.

A mysterious low-cost fitness tracker was also recently tipped for a possible MWC 2020 announcement, while the exclusive global Nokia brand licensee reportedly decided to shelve not one but two different smartwatches, as well as other lower-profile gadgets and accessories like a mini projector, mini printer, and power bank.

According to a new reports, however, the development and preparation of at least one of those two Nokia smartwatches is chugging along, and there's still a chance we'll see this unnamed wearable device presented to the public at the February 23 event in the beautiful capital city of Catalonia.

There are only two things known strongly suspected about this smartwatch, namely the inclusion of eSIM support for standalone cellular connectivity and Google certification suggesting Wear OS will be running the software show. 

If those two details pan out, that surely means we're not dealing with some sort of a hybrid pushover, but rather a full-fledged Apple Watch rival. Of course, a GPS and Bluetooth-only model is likely to join the cellular-enabled variant to market, although speaking of markets, we have no idea where HMD Global might be planning to release its rookie smartwatch effort.

Availability in select European territories seems like a given, but as more and more Nokia smartphones spread their wings stateside, a US rollout is not entirely out of the question for this smartwatch either.

Keep in mind that a Nokia-branded smartwatch was also reportedly cancelled a while ago, and the Withings Steel lineup is no longer sold under Nokia's name. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed as history could be made in a few weeks, but then again, this might just be another pushed down the pipeline.

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WinneWinne in Jun 12, 2020 Reply

That's good but I never love anything smart watch, it seems so fragile.

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