WhatsApp Finally launches Dark Mode on iPhone and Android – How to Enable It.

WhatsApp Finally launches Dark Mode on iPhone and Android – How to Enable It.

WhatsApp Finally launches Dark Mode on iPhone and Android – How to Enable It.

AlbertflexAlbertflex in March 07, 2020

Micro messaging app Whatsapp has finally launched the "dark mode" a feature which users have since been waiting for. The new mode is for Android and iPhone users with the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has revealed that dark mode was the most requested feature from users everywhere.

It has been designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments.

The feature should also stop you from accidentally lighting up a dark room if you're trying to go on your phone.

WhatsApp admits to taking its time with dark mode, with several other apps already having this option, but the app developers apparently wanted to get it just right.

For improved readability WhatsApp dark mode aims to minimise eye fatigue.

The Whatsapp dark mode was designed to preserve your phone battery because it lights up fewer pixels when you're using it. However, for this feature to work perfectly on your phone, you must have an OLED screen.

How to Enable Dark Mode on your Whatsapp

Just follow these simple steps...

  • First you will have to update your Whatsapp to the latest version
  • To do this on an iPhone go to the App Store and click on 'Account', then scroll until you see the WhatsApp icon and click 'Update' if you're given the option
  • On Android you'll need to open the Google Play Store, tap the icon of the three horizontal stacked lines and select 'My apps & games'
  • If your device is using Android 10 and iOS 13 you can use dark mode by enabling it in their system settings
  • For users with Android 9 and below, Go into the WhatsApp 'Settings' then click on 'Chats' then 'Theme' and then select ‘Dark
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LondonboyLondonboy in May 26, 2020 Reply

That is good, many iPhone users have been waiting for it.

IfelewaIfelewa in May 29, 2020 Reply

Very beautiful. Won't mind it

Emojisnr11Emojisnr11 in May 31, 2020 Reply

Looks good But don't know how to activate it on mine

MhizztavicMhizztavic in May 31, 2020 Reply

It's cool but we want other features. Something other cracked whatsapp does

EnnyholarEnnyholar in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

The update is actually nice have tried it out and it was very good ...I can say i prefer the dark mode it reduces d light on my screen now i can chat properly on WhatsApp

KayleeKaylee in Jun 01, 2020 Reply

I tried it... It's really nice... Love it

NathajiboyeNathajiboye in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

The dark mode looks good. i've tried it and i love it

PreciousPrecious in Jun 02, 2020 Reply

I love this. It will help those that have sight issue too.

20sunday20sunday in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

I love this upgrades, waited a long time but now is here

Cynthia21Cynthia21 in Jun 03, 2020 Reply

Looks so calm and cool.... I'm enjoying my dark mode

HoyembiHoyembi in Jun 09, 2020 Reply

WhatsApp dark mode has helped when chatting at night, no sight issue at all

LadyhectorLadyhector in Jun 12, 2020 Reply

Gmail and WhatsApp dark mode has been wow to me. I feel more comfortable chatting at night since my eyes detest too much light. Nice one.

Samuel35Samuel35 in Jun 13, 2020 Reply

This upgrade is really good it does helps me when on whatsapp at night

Christian11Christian11 in Jun 15, 2020 Reply

I will have to try it, because at night my phone light causes pain to my eyes

KingswearsKingswears in Jun 15, 2020 Reply

This is cool, am using it on my android phone and the experienced is amazing. It good to have the same on iPhone also.

DollarboyDollarboy in Jun 29, 2020 Reply

I have activated mine already and I must confess that it's super cool,now I can chat in the night without the lights partially blinding me.

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